Antique and Fusee watch repair and restoration.

Complete, repair and restoration services for antique and fusee, American and European watches. We have thousands of watch movements and parts in stock and will custom manufacture obsolete and unobtainable parts. All watch movements are manually, mechanically, and ultrasonically cleaned. Watch movements are meticulously restored both mechanically and aesthetically and electronically timed. This restoration service is more intense and time consuming than our regular overhaul services, therefore restorations are usually more costly. Restorations are, however, well worth the added expense for valuable or sentimental pieces that demand the utmost attention.

Cases are polished, repaired, and cleaned. Broken or missing crystals replaced and yes, even “Bulls-Eye” crystals are available. Dials are cleaned, and/or refinished. Hands are refinished or made from scratch if missing or beyond repair. Screws and other steel parts are polished, refinished and even re-blued if necessary. Missing or badly damaged parts are replaced. Most can even be made from scratch if needed. Plates and bridges are refinished to be as close to original as possible in appearance. Fusee chains are repaired, tightened and refinished. Worn bushings and damaged jewels are replaced. Worn or broken pivots are refinished or replaced.

The restoration of antique, fusee and high-grade watches have been our specialty for years. Our restoration services are for SERIOUS collectors only, as the costs and time required can be substantial. We have restored many fine watches by some of the most famous makers known and have enjoyed every minute. If you are interested in our services, please give us a call so we can set up an appointment to discuss all our capabilities. This will help you proceed with confidence and assurance. We always enjoy talking about old timepieces so call us anytime.

Movements professionally cleaned and oiled
Missing or broken parts replaced
Damaged parts refinished
Restoration of plating on plates, bridges, and parts
Parts manufactured to match originals as needed
digitally timed and professionally regulated
Movement customizing