All work is guaranteed for 1 full year unless otherwise noted.

The warranty will be VOID if the watch is opened or serviced by anyone other than personnel at our store. If the watch has been obviously abused, broken due to misuse, or used in a manner for which it was not designed, the warranty will not cover any resulting damages. If your watch is not a water-resistant model, DO NOT GET IT WET!! If your watch is a delicate dress watch, do not wear it while you are swimming, showering, doing dishes, playing sports, chopping ice, skydiving, or any other activity that puts undue stress on the watch that it was not designed to handle.

Treat your watch with care. It is a very delicate instrument but will give you many years of service if it is taken care of properly. An ounce of common sense and regular service will keep it going and in good condition for a lifetime. Check the band or bracelet from time to time for wear or looseness. Carignan Watch Company, Inc. is not responsible for any watch that has been lost due to the band breaking. In general, most watches need service every 4-7 years depending upon the type and grade of watch. Most quartz watches need batteries every 2-4 years. Your watch should be inspected in 2-3 years to ensure its continued proper functioning and water/dust resistance.

Some parts, such as certain electrical components and mainsprings, cannot be guaranteed. If you are not satisfied or the watch is not functioning properly due to our service, please return it to us ASAP and we will correct the issue. We will do everything possible to make your experience with us enjoyable and satisfying. We will gladly check your watch over at any time for free, i.e., free inspection, but the shipping costs will be paid by the customer. So bring it in or send it to us whenever you feel it may need attention. No other guarantee applies unless in writing by Denis Carignan.

Proper Watch Care and Operation Instructions

  • Mechanical watches (wind-up): Wind these watches every morning or evening and wind up completely until the crown stops turning easily.
  • Automatic watches (self-winding): Automatic watches should be given an initial wind of around 15 turns of the winding crown to get them started. They will then keep themselves wound as long as you are wearing them. Most automatic movements have slipping mainsprings so they will never wind up tight. A few Swiss and some Japanese automatic models cannot be wound by the crown; it just spins freely. These types have to be lightly tapped on the palm of your hand edgewise several times to give them an initial wind. (Seiko is the most common non?windable automatic manufacturer.)
  • Quartz watches (battery powered): Quartz watches need very little attention other than battery replacement every 2-4 years, depending upon the movement and functions. (Quartz watches with lithium batteries will last 7–11 years before needing their batteries replaced, in most cases.)
  • Winding: Winding the crown in both directions will not hurt the watch. When winding, turn the crown slowly, especially with automatic models. As stated above, most automatic movements have slipping mainsprings so they will never wind up tight. “Over winding” is a myth; you cannot over-wind a watch. Obviously, this doesn’t mean that you should continue to force the crown after the watch is wound tight. Doing so could cause the crown to strip out or the stem to break off in your fingers. Most mechanical watches will run 14-18 hours on a wind. Accuracy deteriorates slightly as the watch winds down; when the watch is first wound, it will keep a little better time than after it has been running for 10 hours.
  • Setting: When setting any watch you should turn the hands slowly to avoid undue stress on the setting parts and cannon pinion, especially in non-quickset watches where you have to continuously turn the hands to set the date and/or day.
  • Care and cleaning: The case and bracelet can be polished with a soft 100% cotton cloth or chamois. The bracelets of WATERPROOF watches can, and should be, cleaned with mild soap and water occasionally to prevent the buildup of abrasive particles. Avoid leaving your watch in excessively cold or hot places, such as in the glove box of a car. High heat will almost certainly damage most watches in some way. Gold or sterling cases and bracelets will shine brilliantly if polished with jewelry polishing cloths such as a “Sunshine” cloth. These are available at most jewelry stores or from us. Sunshine cloths are the best we have found and are not expensive. We also have powerful jewelry cleaning solutions and other jewelry care items in stock.