Complete professional watch restorations

We offer complete restoration of your entire watch. This includes the case, dial, hands, movement, crystal, band, Etc.

Watches are meticulously restored both mechanically and aesthetically and electronically timed. All watch movements are Manually, mechanically, and ultrasonically cleaned, Cases, dials, hands, crystals, are replaced or refinished. Our restoration service is more intense and time consuming than our regular overhaul services therefore restorations are usually more costly. Restorations are however well worth the added expense for valuable or sentimental pieces that demand the utmost attention.

The first slideshow is of a Breitling Laederich watch for which I was awarded the 2016 Pritchard Prize by the NAWCC. Scroll to see more restorations.


This slideshow demonstrates the restoration of a Waltham 18 size pocket watch. We are thrilled to have been chosen in keeping this special timepiece going for this family. Here is a little more history about the origin of the watch.

“This watch was made in 1879. Tom Maguire was born in 1870. He was nine years old when the watch was made which means he was not the original owner. This probably means the watch was not his, but his fathers. The watch was not my great uncles watch, but my great grandfathers watch. I am 87 years old and have a great grandson. This watch was his great, great, great, great grandfathers watch. Truly a wonderful piece of family history. Thank you for such a magnificent piece of restoration.”