Recent Watch Repair Work

We hope you will take a moment to enjoy some of the watch repair, pocket watch restoration and clock restoration projects we’ve had over the years. Click on the photo to learn more about the recent work project.

Gents Rolex Date-Just we recently overhauled. We also replaced the bracelet.2019-09-14T12:42:15-04:00
Hen’ Thompson, JUN #776, pair cased, Verge Fusee with black sea ray leather covered outer case from early to mid 1700s2019-09-14T12:42:15-04:00
Jln Le Roy, 4 cased, Verge fusee with a Turkish dial2019-09-14T12:42:16-04:00
antique Breguet & Fils French ¼ hour repeater2019-09-14T12:42:16-04:00