Pocket Watch Repair & Restoration Services

We specialize in the repair and restoration of antique and fusee, American and European pocket watches. We have thousands of watch movements and parts in stock and will custom manufacture obsolete and unobtainable parts. Even an older timepiece can look and work like new again. Restoring an older pocket watch to its original condition requires more attention than a routine service. Over the years some movement parts might have become worn or damaged and need replacement. When these parts are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturers, we have the ability to make them manually.

All watch movements are cleaned. Watch movements are meticulously restored both mechanically and aesthetically and electronically timed. Cases are polished, repaired, and cleaned. Broken or missing crystals replaced and yes, even “Bulls-Eye” crystals are available. Dials are cleaned, and/or refinished. Hands are refinished or made from scratch if missing or beyond repair. Screws and other steel parts are polished, refinished and even re-blued if necessary. Missing or badly damaged parts are replaced, most can even be made from scratch if needed. Plates and bridges are refinished to be as close to original as possible in appearance. Fusee chains are repaired, tightened and refinished. Worn bushings and damaged jewels are replaced. Worn or broken pivots are refinished or replaced.

The restoration of antique, fusee and high grade pocket watches has been our specialty for years. Our restoration services are for SERIOUS collectors only, as the cost and time required can be substantial. We have restored many fine watches by some of the most famous makers, including Elgin, Leroy, Jacot, Joseph Johnson, William Brown, and others.  If you are interested in our services please call us to set up an appointment to discuss your watch and our capabilities to help you proceed with confidence and assurance. We always enjoy talking about old timepieces, so call us anytime.

The watch crystal is the clear glass or plastic that covers and protects the dial of the watch. We offer professional pocket watch crystal replacement and refinishing. We custom cut and fit both mineral glass and optical plastic crystals. We have a large stock plastic, glass and sapphire (round only) crystals, including G-S and BB brand crystals. We have many crystals that have been long discontinued and hard to find. Crystals can also be made to order per your specs. Our services include:

  • Some plastic crystals can be polished if unavailable (no glass polishing)
  • Crystals professionally cut, polished, and fitted
The watch crown is the button used to wind and set the watch. We offer professional pocket watch crown replacement and refinishing. We have thousands of genuine and generic watch crowns in stock. Included in our large inventory are antique pocket watch crowns, dustproof watch crowns, waterproof O-ring and screw down style watch crowns. We rebuild and replace watch crowns and watch buttons / pushers of all types.
We can completely refinish or completely restore most pocket watch cases. Custom machining of worn and damaged cases performed on site.We have thousands of gaskets and seals in stock, and can manufacture cases and case parts as needed. Our services include:

  • Dent removal
  • Scratch removal
  • Repairing bent case parts
  • Replacing broken, worn, or missing parts
  • Soldering
  • Customizing
  • Cases resealed and pressure tested
The dial (watch face) of a watch is where the time is displayed. We offer complete watch dial refinishing and restoration for most pocket watches, including:

  • Refinish dial as original or custom
  • Create new, custom dial
  • Change color
  • Many finishes and treatments
  • Luminous paint refinished with Super Luminova
  • Replacement Dials made to your specs
  • Markers replaced, repaired, re-painted
If the hands on your dial have fallen off, are bent, or have lost their luster, all is not lost. Our services include:

  • Refinish hands as original or custom to your specs
  • Change paint color
  • Many surface finishes and treatments
  • Luminous paint refinished with Super Luminova
  • Replacement hands made to your specs
  • Hands replaced, repaired, re-painted
  • Hands polished
  • Hands re-plated
We offer complete repair and restoration services for mechanical and quartz watch movements. Antique, vintage and modern, mid to high grade. We have thousands of new and pre-owned movements in stock and we can custom manufacture obsolete and unobtainable parts. Our services include:

  • Movements professionally cleaned and oiled
  • Missing or broken parts replaced
  • Damaged parts refinished
  • Restoration of plating on plates, bridges, and parts
  • Parts manufactured to match originals as needed
  • Digitally timed and professionally regulated
  • Movements replaced if needed
  • Movement customizing
When pocket watch parts are discontinued and no longer available from the manufacturers, we have the ability to make them manually. We offer extensive horological machining services to make custom watch and clock wheels, pinions, balance staffs, re-pivoting both pinions and staffs, arbors, barrels, levers, springs, plates, bridges, dials, cases, etc. If we can’t do it we probably know someone who can.
In every pocket watch, there are several gaskets, including a back gasket, crystal gasket, bezel gasket, and crown gasket. Gaskets are installed to protect your pocket watch from things like dust, water, perfume, oils, dirt, and other residues that watches are exposed to. By protecting your watch’s precision mechanical and electrical components from moisture and dirt with gaskets you will dramatically increase the life expectancy of your watch.

Gaskets do no last forever and need to be replaced at some point. We have thousands of gaskets and seals in stock, including rubber, crystal, o-ring, lead and plastic “I” seals. When a gasket is replaced we perform a 15ATM pressure testing to ensure it is properly sealed.

We have all popular watch batteries in stock, including Energizer and Swiss Renata brand watch batteries. Don’t take any chances with chain stores or department stores to replace your battery, bring your watch to us to have it replaced the proper way. Batteries are guaranteed for one full year.

We will replace any battery in any watch unless the cell is no longer available. We have yet to find a watch brand that we couldn’t replace the battery in. We also replace batteries in many other electronics such as car remotes, cameras, hearing aids, timers, meters, testing equipment, etc. Cases are resealed when possible and pressure tested upon request.

Electroplating is a great way to rejuvenate a beloved timepiece that is old and worn or scratched from accidental damage. This process involves electroplating a precious metal over existing precious or non-precious metals such as stainless steel, brass or copper. We offer various electroplated finishes for watches and jewelry items, including yellow, white, rose and green gold, nickel, brass, copper, silver and rhodium. Thickness is usually around 10 micron however thicker finishes are sometimes possible.