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Premier Watch And Clock Repair Time Slots

Time is a precious commodity. There just isn’t  enough of it to go around. I have hundreds of customers and everyone (well most people) want their watch repaired fast and perfectly.  I am only one man and only have a limited amount of time to provide to everyone so…..

We are now offering our customers a way to purchase a specific premier time slot where the only thing that will be worked on is their job until it is finished. All our efforts and resources will be totally committed and brought to bear upon this one project until it is brought to completion.  It will be the only project on the bench during that time, and every effort will be made to get the job done within the specified time slot.  Parts can and will be made, and we will search the world resources to find the materials needed to repair your item and get the job done.  Naturally, premium repair and restoration services are limited to a specific number of customers in order to achieve proper priority management. As such, this necessitates a corresponding fee for services.

This service will allow us the time and financial resources to perform complex repairs in a timely fashion, providing us the uninterrupted time to devote entirely to one job.  We will be able to rapidly finish a job that would normally take months to complete but still provide us with the cash flow to cover operating expenses and outsourcing of easier jobs.

We have a complete micro machine shop at our site and a larger scale shop off site. We have the skills and capabilities to repair/reproduce practically anything. If we cannot, we will find someone who can.  Contact us for more info

Some valuable services offered are…

  • Machining
  • Casting
  • Dial printing
  • Case making
  • Electroplating
  • Metalworking, IE gold and silver, soldering, brazing, welding, stone setting
  • leather-work
  • Heat treatment
  • Surface finishes
  • Research history of your watch
  • Crystal cutting
  • Parts manufacturing
  • Hairspring vibrating
  • Leather-working
  • Bluing
  • Anodizing
  • Pressure testing
  • Research
  • Appraisals
  • Photo documentation

How it works

First, you will send your item to us for evaluation.  We will estimate the time, resources, and materials required to complete the job.  Next, we will calculate a plan for the job and contact you to go over our findings.  If parts or special machinery/tools are needed we would estimate what may be needed, the cost, get a deposit from you, and order what is required.  Occasionally, it takes some time for parts to arrive. If you wanted your watch back in the meantime, then we would return it and you would resend it when all items for repair have come in to the shop. When the parts have come in, we will contact you and arrange a time for you.  You would be purchasing a specific time slot, and we would devote the entire time slot to only your repair.  We would predetermine how many hours a day for however many days required, choose the day/s week/s, month/s,  for your job and assign this time to you.  A week or so prior to your time slot you will send us your watch and when it’s your time we will start your job.  For jobs that require a long time (over a couple of weeks) to finish we may have to split your slot into a couple of slots in order to take care of the normal operations of the shop, and we would arrange this ahead of time. If we are unable to finish your job in the allotted time we would provide a 25% discount off the originally agreed upon price and a 50% discount off all additional labor.  Any additional parts will be paid for by you.  This is a new concept for us, there quite possibly will be bugs to work out and unforeseen problems but we are trying to offer our customers a way to get their difficult repairs done in a timely fashion , allowing us to make enough money to pay the watchmaker for his time and keep normal operations running.

Photos,videos, and sometimes research papers, of the process will be taken and uploaded to our customer portal where you can log in and see information pertaining to your job.

  • Estimated time required for various tasks….
  • Please figure on 14 days for shipping (7 days each way). Obviously you can have your item shipped special and this would change the required transit time.
  • Cleaning, oiling, and regulation, minor repairs, parts replacement, case and bracelet refinishing, and observation of a high grade watch.  One – two weeks
  • Same as above with the addition of a part or two being custom made.  Two – four weeks.
  • The addition of several or difficult parts can take up to a month or more depending on the resources required.
  • Complex crystal cutting and fitting. 1-2 days unless special materials need to be ordered.
  • Staff / stem making. 1-2 days unless special materials need to be ordered.
  • Case repairs such as hinges, lugs, polishing, minor restoration, etc. 1-3 days
  • Bezels, backs, and other major case restoration 2-days – one week unless special materials need to be ordered.
  • Hairspring vibrating 2 days – one week unless special materials need to be ordered.
  • Gear cutting 2 days – one week unless special materials need to be ordered.
  • Dial refinishing is typically not done on site although we do have the capabilities to do so.  We use International dial co. in Ohio, they are the best all around for dial restoration that we have ever used.  That being the case, I cannot control the amount of time it takes to get the dial back. If your watch needs the dial refinished I would start your job when the dial is back.

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