Complete watch overhaul

Overhauls are several services combined to get your watch in good mechanical condition for daily use. Our overhaul service is similar to our restoration service, except for being less intense. Overhauls are usually appealing to individuals who want their watch to perform well, be as water or dust resistant as possible and in decent condition overall. Generally, overhauls are less expensive and time consuming than restorations, are for more modern watches and are done at 5- to 7-year intervals as part of a basic preventative maintenance schedule or when the watch has been performing poorly. Movements are manually, mechanically and ultrasonically cleaned, mechanically repaired and refurbished, and electronically timed. Cases and bracelets are lightly polished and cleaned. Crystals, crowns, gaskets, worn movement parts and defective case parts are rebuilt or replaced if needed. Resealing, dust proofing, and pressure testing are also common tasks. Work is guaranteed for one year. We recommend overhauling most watches at least every 7 years and we feel the watch should be examined every couple of years or so to ensure water and other foreign particles are not entering it. Special services like dial refinishing, case refinishing, etc. can be added to your overhaul list as wanted or needed.

If you want your watch to be made aesthetically and mechanically as new as possible you will want to check out our restoration service.

See the links below for individual services and added information!

Watch case restoration

Watch case refinishing

Complete watch case refinishing / restoration

We can completely restore most watch cases.

Dial refinishing

Watch dial and hand refinishing

The dial (AKA Face) of a watch is where the time is displayed. We offer complete watch dial refinishing and restoration for most watches. We can even make the dial from scratch if needed. We also perform watch hand refinishing and restoration

Watch crystal Replacement

Watch crystal replacement

The watch crystal is the clear glass or plastic that covers and protects the dial of the watch. We offer professional watch crystal replacement and refinishing. We custom cut and fit both mineral glass and optical plastic crystals. We have a large stock of antique pocket watch crystals such as bull’s-eye, thick beveled edge, high dome, and hunter. We also have G-S and BB brand crystals in stock even many that have been long discontinued and hard to find. Crystals can also be made to order per your specs.

Watch Crown Types

Watch crowns

The watch crown is the button used to wind and set the watch. We offer professional watch crown replacement and refinishing.

Watch movement Overhauls

Complete professional watch movement repair and restoration

We offer Complete, professional, repair and restoration services for mechanical and quartz watch movements. Antique, vintage and modern, mid to high grade.

Antique Fusee resoration

Antique and Fusee watch repair and restoration

Complete, repair and restoration services for Antique and fusee, American and European watches.

Watch Case parts

Watch gaskets replaced, watches resealed and pressure tested

Thousands of gaskets and seals in stock

15ATM pressure testing

Cases and case parts made or refinished if needed


Watch batteries replaced, watches resealed

All watch batteries are professionally replaced at Carignan watch company ensuring proper function and longevity, don’t take any chances with chain stores, department stores and hacks, bring your watch to us to have the battery replaced the right way every time.


Watch parts custom made for nearly any obsolete timepiece

We offer extensive horological machining services. Watch and clock wheels and pinions, Balance staffs, Re-pivoting both pinions and staffs, Arbors, barrels, levers, springs, plates, bridges, dials, cases, etc. If we can’t do it we probably know someone who can.

Omega Watch


We offer various electroplated finishes for watch, and jewelry items.


Complete professional watch restorations

We offer complete restoration of your entire watch. This includes the case, dial, hands, movement, crystal, band, Etc.