Watch batteries replaced, watches resealed

All watch batteries are professionally replaced at Carignan watch company ensuring proper function and longevity, don’t take any chances with chain stores, department stores and hacks, bring your watch to us to have the battery replaced the right way every time.

We have all popular watch batteries in stock. We carry Energizer and Swiss Renata brand watch batteries. Cases are resealed when possible and pressure tested upon request. We will replace any battery in any watch unless the cell is no longer available, we have not yet found any watch brand that we couldn’t replace the battery in.

Batteries are generally only 5.00 – 6.00, and gaskets / re-sealing and testing usually do not exceed 35.00.

D I Y battery replacements usually end up causing costly repairs so save yourself the trouble and come see us.

Batteries are guaranteed for one full year.
15ATM pressure testing available.

We also replace batteries in many other electronics such as car remotes, cameras, hearing aids, timers, meters, testing equipment, etc.