Watch dial refinishing and restoration

We are now offering “in house” dial refinishing and restoration. All work is done here at our shop in Belmont, NH. We will accept dials from our own retail customers first, and then to the trade on a limited basis as time allows.

We will accept most dials, including complex and enamel dials. Cost is proportional to complexity, accuracy, and labor required.

Please use this form to contact us about Dial refinishing: Dial Refinishing Estimate Request Form


Watch Dial Before

Omega Seamaster Chronograph before dial refinishing

Seamaster Chrono dial after

Omega Seamaster Chronograph after dial refinishing


  • New complete dials can be made if needed
  • Markers made as needed
  • Hands restored
  • Color changes
  • Custom logos and artwork
  • Exact reproduction of original artwork and fonts if desired
  • Watch dial restoration
  • Watch dial refinishing
  • Watch dial repair
  • Pocket watch dials
  • Enamel dial repair
  • Dial foot repair
  • Custom exotic dials

Customer is kept engaged throughout the entire process to ensure the utmost satisfaction with the final result.

  • Finish, color, and artwork is closely shared through samples and images/photos throughout the process.
  • Artwork is approved before printing is done.
  • Options given as to cost versus accuracy of reproduction (The more perfection required, the more time and labor required. Therefore, the cost increases proportionally.)
  • Artificial aging of finishes and colors to match period/era, when requested.


A bit of history as to why we decided to take on dial refinishing. It is well known to all watchmakers that great dial refinishing, at a reasonable cost, with a reasonable wait time, is difficult to find, (actually nearly impossible at times).

For many years, like most other watchmakers, we sent our dials to various dial refinishers with varied results. Some dials came back okay, some really good, but many were subpar. Lack of communication, long wait times, and less than perfect results were common, which caused much stress for both us and our customers. These things were largely out of our control. There was one company, however, I did business with for years that was the exception. They were always wonderful. We became friends and are still good friends.  They sold their business and not long afterwards the entire business closed for good. I lost my only reliable refinisher. They did, however, teach me VERY valuable lessons while I have been on this journey. I do know of a couple other amazing refinishers, whom I still highly recommend when appropriate.

Several years ago we got tired of the excuses and poor service so we decided to take on refinishing.  We tooled up and acquired the materials, experience, and skills to do this work ourselves. Over several years we refinished many dials but only for certain restoration jobs we had at our shop. We did not share that we were doing dials with many people. It’s now June 2023, and we can now open it up to outside work and are confident to let the word out that we are doing this type of work now.

We are not looking to compete with any other refinisher. This is not our main business, nor do we want it to be. We offer these services mainly to provide a resource to our customers and to the watch community.