Watch Repair Shipping Instructions

Send us your watch…but not yet. Please do not send any items until you have spoken with Carignan Watch Company and received approval. Thank you. Once authorized, please see the listed directions.

  1. Complete the Printable Customer Information Form (linked below), print it out and send it with your watch. Enclose a check for $50 made out to Carignan Watch Company.
  2. Pack the item using plenty of soft packing material.
  3. Please do not send the original box or literature your watch came with when new unless requested. We will not store them nor keep track of them for you. Do NOT send keys for pocket watches unless the key needs repair.
  4. We suggest you send your item via an insured, traceable means.
  5. Clearly label the box with your name and return address. Label the box with CWC as the ‘To’ address name, not ‘Carignan Watch Company.’ This ensures no one will know there is a valuable watch item in the package, adding a small measure of security. Our mailing address is CWC, PO Box 562, Belmont, NH 03220-0562, USA

We moved to our new location in June 2017. Now our watch repair shop and micro machine shop are both at the same place making it much easier to work efficiently.

Our new Physical address is :
Carignan Watch Co
38 Church Street
Belmont, NH 03220

Shipping address is still:
PO Box 562
Belmont, NH 03220

Click here: Printable Customer Information Form