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FAQ Page2019-09-14T12:42:02-04:00

We moved to our new location.  Now our watch repair shop and micro machine shop are both at the same place making it much easier to work efficiently.

Our new address is :

Carignan Watch Co

38 Church Street

Belmont, NH


Do you provide free estimates?2019-10-16T19:18:34-04:00

Yes, and no. We require a deposit on repair jobs, as this lengthy estimation process involves time. You must send a check or money order with your watch (see the shipping instructions page).  If you decide to go ahead with the repair we put the deposit towards your invoice. If you decline the repair, we keep the deposit to cover return shipping and the time spent.

How long will it take to repair my watch?2019-10-16T19:20:02-04:00

Due to unprecedented demand and to assure top quality to our customers, we are only accepting new orders on a VERY LIMITED basis until further notice. PLEASE do not send any watches at this time unless you contact us first. If you are willing to invest the extra time it will take for us to get to you we will be happy to take on your repair.  We now have a waiting list which you can request to get on, email us cwciwatch@gmail.com for more info.

How much does a watch restoration cost?2019-09-15T10:52:38-04:00

Price depends on a number of variables. We will give some examples. These are only examples. To be absolutely sure what it will cost to repair YOUR watch, the watchmaker needs to open it and see what is broken, not working (gummed up), etc.

  • Battery: $15 to $35 (regular or lithium)
  • Back gasket: $5 – $35
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a simple mechanical watch: $225-375
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a simple quartz watch: $95-225, movement replacement $75 – 300+
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a more complicated watch: $275-300+
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a multi-function/chronograph watch: $775+
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a complicated auto chronograph $775 – 1200+
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a Fusee watch $775 – 1200+
  • Clean, oil, and regulation of a complicated watches such as repeaters, grand complications perp calendars,Etc.  $1500 – 2500+
  • Crystal replacement: (note that an odd-shaped crystal will be more than a round one, as it is not as common)
    • glass: $30 – $55 average, railroad $60-125
    • plastic: $25 – $45 average
    • sapphire: $75 – $135 average
  • Custom-made parts: Labor is $150 per hour.
  • Basic bench-work: Labor is $100 per hour
  • Dial refinishing: $200 minimum
  • Complete restorations start at 1500.00

*Other complications, age, rarity, etc. all affect cost.

Do you perform watch appraisals?2014-04-11T11:50:07-04:00

No, we do NOT perform appraisals. We do not carry appraisal insurance. We will, however, be happy to look up your watch in the Complete Price Guide to Watches book and give you the opinion of the authors, or buy a copy for yourself at Amazon.

What is your privacy policy?2014-04-11T11:51:02-04:00

Any information you submit to us is not sold. Period. It is not given out either. You may occasionally receive e-mails about sales, a new service, new products, etc. We do conduct e-mail advertising.

How is the watch repair process handled?2019-10-16T19:14:03-04:00

If you send your watch to us for service, our assistant will open your package and log your watch and all of your info into the system. The watchmaker will then open the watch to diagnose what is wrong with it. If it needs parts, our assistant will then call our vendors to obtain prices on these parts and finish working up the estimate with the watchmaker. You are then contacted via e-mail or phone call with the estimate. If you approve the estimate, your deposit will be credited to the invoice. If you decline the repairs, we will keep the deposit and return your watch.

When do I need to pick up and/or pay for my repaired watch?2019-09-14T12:42:14-04:00

If you are local and we call, please make an appointment. All others, we email the invoice, which can be paid via electronic check. As stated on the invoice in red lettering, 1.5% is charged 30 days from date of invoice. We are not responsible for items left for over 60 days. This means from the time your item has been invoiced, not the total time we have had your timepiece.

What is your return check fee?2019-09-14T12:42:14-04:00

There will be a $40.00 service fee on all returned checks.

Should I insure my timepiece when mailing to you?2014-04-11T11:50:00-04:00

That’s up to you. If it were to ever get lost by the shipping facility you would need to make a claim. To receive any monies for the loss, I believe the facility would ask you if you purchased insurance. Please consult the appropriate shipping facilities’ guidelines for details.

What is the return shipping costs and carrier?2019-09-14T12:42:14-04:00

Our insurance company requires that we use Express Mail shipping via the United States Postal Service for items valued under $25,000. For items valued over $25,000, we must use registered mail via USPS. Return shipping is priced to include handling and it is according to the destination and weight. Recipient signature will be required.

What part of the watch is the crown?2019-09-14T12:42:14-04:00

The watch crown is the button used to wind and set the watch.

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