Keith Richmond

CWRNH Review 05/12/2015 I am providing a review for CWRNH regarding restoration of two English watches. The Benjamin Farrer watch is in excess of 200 years in age, running and timing in all positions. These old verges are quite complex in their designs for the times and to have a present day firm that’s a cut above the rest, restore these to running on demand, gives me confidence to turn over the care and maintenance of my European collection that dates back to 1730. CWRNH also performed restoration on one JF Pitkin English lever of Buffalo, New York, circa 1853. This old time piece, in it’s Coin Silver hunter case is also performing as if it just left the original Jewelers door. I am pleased to be able to call on CWRNH for my antique time pieces, given the expertise and customer support they aptly provide. Sincerely Keith Richmond NAWCC Member #109463