Removing motion work


    The motion work consists of the hour wheel which caries the hour hand, the cannon pinion which caries the minute hand and works like a clutch that slips on the center shaft and allows the hands to be set.  The minute wheel slips on a shaft that is staked into the lower plate, the minute wheel meshes with the cannon pinion and its meshes with the hour wheel.  The cannon pinion is friction fitted to the center shaft.  The hour wheel slides onto the cannon pinion.  The set wheel is usually under the set bridge and meshes with the minute wheel and the clutch wheel.

    To remove the motion work you first pull of the hour wheel, then remove the set lever bridge bridge screws, remove the yoke spring, remove the yoke, remove the clutch wheel and the winding pinion, then remove the set wheel and the minute wheel, then pull the cannon pinion using a cannon pinion puller or sturdy tweezers.

    Also most watches use a dial washer between the hour wheel and dial to hold the hour wheel down.



  Some watches have hollow center shafts through which another shaft is friction fitted. The cannon pinion is then staked onto the end of the shaft that is friction fitted through the center shaft.