Review from a customer

I have gone to Carignan watch Co. for years to have our watches
cleaned, repaired and for new batteries. We have always been happy
with their fast service and fair prices. Our last visit was above and
beyond. I have a Movado watch that was going through new batteries
every 5-6 weeks, it was not keeping time well and the gold plate had
all worn off. I went to 4-5 jewelers and we contacted Movado as well.
Everyone offered to look at the watch but they all said it could not
be replated and all offered to sell us a new watch. My husband had
bought us both matching watches and I was sad to think mine could not
look as nice anymore.
We went to Carignan watch repair to at least have it cleaned
and fixed. We were told it could be replated even thouth everyone else
said it could not be done. They fixed the watch, cleaned it, plated it
there and buffed it all within a couple of weeks.
This watch looks as though it is brand new and it runs great!!
We could not be happier. This establishment is fabulous, affordable
and quick turn around. We tell all our friends and family that this is
the place to go!!
Thank you Carignan Watch Repair.

Robin Baron
Gilford, NH