Denise Garbinski

Denis Carignan gave me back my favorite watch!!!! In 2001, I purchased, loved and wore to death a limited edition SPOON watch, made by Pulsar (Seiko). I wore that watch day and night for 7 years and got tons of compliments on it for its unique metallic blue oval face with a blue dot in the center. The watch has cool hands with a second hand, glows in the dark, shows the date, has a beautifully chunky bracelet, and always kept excellent time. However, the crystal ultimately became too scratched to be worn, so I retired the watch, hoping to replace it.In 2008, I contacted Seiko/Pulsar and numerous watch dealers and retailers but could never found anything like it again and even tried earnestly to find a used SPOON on Ebay, etc. but never could. Knowing the watch was one-of-a-kind, I took it to numerous repair shops throughout the San Francisco Bay area where I live, but none could find the crystal. I even sent the watch to Seiko/Pulsar Watch Repair headquarters in NJ and after waiting 3 months, received the watch back with a note saying the crystal could not be replaced. In deep despair, and unable to discard the watch despite its unwearability, I wrapped it up and put it away in a drawer. Two months ago, I discovered the watch in my drawer and decided I would try again. This time, I did an internet search for custom watch crystals and found Carignan Watch Company. I called, spoke with Denis Carignan and upon telling him my story he was very upbeat and optimistic that he could help me. He immediately started a search for the crystal and I sent him my watch the next day. His customer service was impeccable – he called me regularly to give me status updates and about 8 weeks later he called to tell me the watch was ready! I could not believe my ears. Denis was excited as I was! In addition to a beautiful new crystal, he steam cleaned the watch, rhodium-plated the areas that needed it, and replaced the battery – all for a very reasonable price. I was prepared to pay a lot of money for a custom crystal but he was able to do what no other watch repairer could. I am forever indebted to Denis Carignan for giving me back my beautiful one-of-a-kind watch. Thank you, Denis!