Jeff Nichols

In today’s world it is hard to find a true craftsman. Someone who has mastered a skill to a level that it becomes an art form. Denis at Carignan Watch Company is one of the few people who I would put in that classification. My dream watch has always been an omega Broad Arrow. Since my budget was limited I was forced to buy a used watch with some very noticeable cosmetic flaws. It was due for a service and serious spa session. My expectations were to see some improvement but ultimately having to live with the imperfections of a used watch. Much to my surprise the watch came back near perfect, I mean near perfect. His attention to detail and quest for perfection were beyond expectation. A $5000 watch to me is a once in a lifetime purchase so needless to say I am without words for the job that he has done. Some would take the typical route and send it to omega but I guarantee that they would not have taken the time to care for this beautiful watch like he did and would have charged me a great deal more. Thank you for a job well done.